Episode 13

Grace Panetta: Breaking Down President Trump's 'Rigged Election' Voter Fraud Narrative


November 18th, 2020

33 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Business Insider elections reporter Grace Panetta joins the show to break down President Trump's argument that widespread voter fraud means the 2020 election results were 'rigged' against him. We honestly engage with Republican and conservative concerns one-by-one, explaining why they simply are not true, or, in any case, would not change the outcome of the presidential election.

We wrap up the conversation with the eternal debate among Massachusetts natives: Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? And Grace's hot take on pasta sauce will cause some controversy for sure.

Wasn't the Election Actually Pretty Good for Republicans? 1:35
Why the Margin of Victory Was Simply Too Wide to Be Overturned 4:25
How Recounts Really Work & Why They Won't Change Anything This Time 6:38
What About Mass 'Mail-In' Voting? 7:53
What About the Fact That Trump SEEMED to Be Winning on Election Night? 10:50
The Department of Homeland Security's Voter Integrity Results 13:20
Is It True That They've Found DEAD PEOPLE Voting? 15:30
What's to Stop Me From Voting More Than Once? 17:45
How Hard is Voter Impersonation to Actually Pull Off? 19:05
Looking at the Trump Campaign's Election Court Cases 20:55
What About GOP Poll Watchers Being Allegedly Denied Access? 22:20
Why the Left Should Stop Being Totally Dismissive of Voter Fraud As a 'Myth' 24:05
No, Trump's Refusal Isn't a 'Coup' 26:15
Will Voters Believe In the Results of This Election? 27:50
Did Democrats Open That Pandora's Box? 29:05
Grace's Pasta Take 31:00
Dunkin v. Starbucks 31:47

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