Episode 37

Blaire White: Problems w/ the Woke 'Equality Act' (And a Better LGBT Rights Alternative)


March 3rd, 2021

39 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

Trans conservative YouTuber and political commentator Blaire White joins the show (for the second time!) to discuss the many problems with the "Equality Act" that Democrats in Congress just passed in the name of LGBT rights.

We break down how the Equality Act would endanger freedom of religion and free speech, as well as what it would mean for sex-segregated sports. Is it really bigoted to oppose this legislation? And is the GOP-sponsored "Fairness for All" Act a better alternative that conservatives should support? Where and why do some Republicans go astray on LGBT rights issues?

We discuss all this and more.

Blaire rounds out the episode with perhaps the MOST HORRENDOUS food take to feature on the show to date.

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